Company Profile

The Challenge

In today’s dynamic business and technology environment, the C-Suite is looking for ways to better align their operating strategy with the organizational goals, provide increasingly higher levels of service to the business while increasing the top and bottom line revenues. In some cases, IT departments struggle to meet the demands of a growing business, while others find their established capabilities and practices are no longer aligned with what the business needs. In both cases, the C-Suite finds themselves challenged with balancing the competitive priorities of the business with the realities of running an effective and efficient IT operation.

These realities compel leadership to address the following questions:

  1. How do I ensure that my IT strategy supports the business’ strategy while addressing constant pressure to manage costs?
  2. Are we investing in the right areas of our IT operation?
  3. How do I improve my service delivery to the business?
  4. How do I shift my resources from sustaining activities toward value creating activities?
  5. How should I organize my team and partners to capture the potential of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile platforms and predictive analytics?

Our Expertise

Agiliant partners with our clients to first understand their business priorities which then allows us to transform IT into a strategic asset for their organization. We offer diverse IT Services to help the C-Suite create focus, identify areas for improvement, successfully develop and execute plans to increase their organizations’ effectiveness and top and bottom line revenue. We understand each client is unique and create customized strategies and solutions vs. a one size fits all approach; our independence and breadth of experience serving clients across numerous industries and roles allows us to consider a wide range of options creating the best overall outcome.

Our blend of mature business acumen, IT expertise and project leadership ensure a strong business-focused IT strategy supported by an executable plan.

Our experience allows us to:

  1. Develop IT strategy and execution that aligns with our clients’ business goals
  2. Prioritize IT initiatives while increasing value and reducing costs
  3. Implement technology as a powerful tool for achieving strategic business objectives
  4. Increase top and bottom line revenue