Infrastructure Services

One of the most common things we find is IT reacting to an unstable infrastructure, the direct cause of organizations viewing IT as an expense. Meanwhile the C-Suite is pursuing new software solutions to streamline process and improve top and bottom line revenue. Agiliant works with our clients to develop technology strategies which realize the full potential of their IT investments. Our advisory services help our clients think about and implement technology as a powerful tool for achieving strategic business objectives. In doing so, our capabilities extend beyond the typical consultancy. We leverage our engineering team to stabilize and improve our clients’ infrastructure, so focusing on strategy and software becomes possible.

Infrastructure Services Agiliant provides

  • Cloud and Datacenter Architecture, Implementation and Support
  • Network Architecture, Implementation and Support
  • Desktop Management and Support
  • IT Security Auditing and Remediation
  • Business Continuity (Data Backup and Disaster Recovery)
  • IT Policy Definition, Implementation and Support
  • Telephony Architecture and Implementation