Strategic Services

Agiliant works with clients to develop effective strategies and realize the full potential of their IT investments. Our advisory services help our clients think about and implement technology as a powerful tool for achieving strategic business objectives. In doing so, our capabilities extend beyond the typical consultancy. We leverage our management consulting practice, business acumen, industry knowledge, and change management expertise to help our clients make the most of technology and the opportunities it brings. We pride ourselves in bringing an independent point of view while aligning our interests with yours.

IT Strategy

IT strategy and planning in a unique and dynamic manner that allows for continuous assessment and adjustment as new opportunities arise or market conditions change. We help identify and prioritize your technology-related options, focus on those that drive measurable business outcomes, and develop a roadmap of the activities needed to realize the full power of your IT strategy.

Our Approach

Business and IT alignment
collaboration and exploration for new ways to create business value
IT Transformation
Taking an internal view of the IT organization to identify opportunities to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency
Helping organizations reap the potential benefits of new disruptive technologies

Business Intelligence

We take a pragmatic, incremental approach to business intelligence (BI) and analytics that get results. Each business has unique key performance indicators (KPI) that allow better decision making. It’s important to have access to these indicators in a timely and reliable manner. It’s all about gaining that timely insight to make more effective decisions, take more informed action, and improve business outcomes. Our approach is to work with the business to define a strategy that enables quick and easy access to the top key performance indicators (KPI) and a multi-layer reporting structure to drill into data needed to make those effective and informed decisions.

Software Selection and Project Governance

Agiliant combines technical expertise, real-world experience, and an independent perspective to help our clients find the best solutions to their software challenges. Our services include software strategy, design, delivery, and process improvement, delivered with an understanding that, despite its technical nature, software development and maintenance is a people-centric activity.


We advance our clients’ productivity and strategic goals by bringing together the expertise and independent perspective it takes to gather requirements, architect, select, implement and manage critical enterprise applications.


We collaborate with our clients to set the direction of their IT infrastructure and create a strong foundation to support enterprise applications that add true business value. We provide fresh, independent thinking and expertise in infrastructure assessment and strategies, data center facilities, cloud computing and infrastructure sourcing.

Managed Services

As technology and IT services become more dynamic and difficult to manage, the C-Suite is finding outsourcing IT operations the logical next step to accelerate organizational focus and growth. It’s nearly impossible to deliver holistic IT within a small/mid-size business budget vs. a shared resource model. Many of our clients engage us in long term contracts to oversee Strategy, Project Governance, Infrastructure Management and Service Delivery.